How to handle Daylight Saving Time

You finally got a schedule that works for you and your Baby! Why does the time have to change now and mess it all up again?! Or, your Little One isn’t sleeping great to begin with? Let’s add Daylight Saving on top of that! Twice a year we either “Spring Forward” or “Fall Backwards” an hour. It can really mess with your and your child’s inner clock and sleep schedule. It doesn’t have to end in a catastrophe! Here’s how you can approach Daylight Saving Time:

Go cold turkey

How you do it: You basically pretend the time change didn’t happen and keep your schedule exactly the same based on the clock.
Who is it for: This is great for a child that is easily adaptable and not sensitive to schedule changes.
Pros: Rip the band aid off and get it over with. It’s also usually easier on the parent than planning ahead.
Cons: Some kids might have a harder time adjusting

Slow adjustment

How you do it: Shorten (in spring) or lengthen (in fall) each awake time and nap time by about 10-15 minutes the weekend of DST. Within a couple of days you should be back to your regular schedule.
Who is it for: This is great if your child is somewhat adaptable but you want to make it a little easier for your little one.
Pros: It’s easier on your child than going cold turkey.
Cons: It takes some more thinking on the parent side, and figuring out when it’s nap or bed time.

Plan ahead

How you do it: Start adjusting about 5 days to a week before DST is happening. Put your child down 10-15 minutes earlier (in spring) or later (in fall) and start the day 10-15 minutes early or late the next day. By the time of the time change, you’ll be right back to your regular schedule!
Who is it for: This is especially good for kids that are more sensitive and don’t take well to change.
Pros: It’s a very slow adjustment, making it easy on your child and preventing him/her from getting over- or under-tired.
Cons: You have to be ahead of the game! If you’re like me, and Daylight Saving Time always sneaks up on you, this is not for you!

Most importantly: Give yourself and your baby some grace. When we spring ahead, we all lose an hour of sleep, so some extra fussiness can be expected (from Baby AND you!) When we fall back, we gain an hour, but might have to deal with some nighttime battles to get little one down earlier than usually. Don’t beat yourself up over it, everyone should be adjusted in about a week. You got this!

Let me know if you need help

Don’t have a schedule that works for you and your child yet? You’re not worried about losing sleep because you don’t sleep anyway?! You did all you could to adjust to Daylight Saving but somehow your little one’s sleep is all over the place now? Let me help you! Book your FREE Discovery Call now and find out how I can support you on your journey to better sleep!



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