Does Sleep Training Damage The Bond With My Child?

That is one of the most common questions parents ask themselves: Will sleep training damage the bond with my child? Will they resent me for doing it? Is it going to damage our relationship?

Short answer: No!

Long answer:

First of all, let’s remember that sleep training doesn’t automatically equal “cry it out”. Yes, there will be some crying involved. BUT, there are much gentler approaches that involve reassuring your child, in whichever way that may be.

Secondly, crying is a natural way of a child to express themselves when they’re learning a new skill. Think about it: Your newborn doesn’t like tummy time and cries everywhere time you put him down. What are you doing? You stay consistent, keep practicing, and don’t give up. Eventually he’ll learn to master this new skill and start liking it.
Your toddler is learning to eat with a spoon, but every time she tries to get food in her mouth it falls off the spoon, resulting in a big crying fit. How do you react? You reassure, maybe assist, and keep offering the spoon.
Sleep training is no different. It’s a skill that some babies naturally learn faster, and some need more help with it.
No one would think you’ll make your baby feel un-loved for offering tummy time, or emotionally damage your toddler for teaching her how to eat with a spoon.

Third, there are plenty of studies that revolve around this topic. They all suggest that there is no scientific proof that sleep training your little one will have any short-, or long term negative effect on your child. One of my favorite articles is this one.

Lastly, please remember that YOU, Mama, also count! Your mental and physical health is important, too! If your current sleep situation is causing you stress and it’s just not working, please don’t wait until you hit rock bottom! I have heard from many moms that their child’s horrible sleep causes resentment toward them. Let’s not let the stigma of sleep training being a “bad” or “selfish” thing get in the way of you enjoying parenthood!

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