Hi, I’m Julia! This is my story.

I‘m a Mama of two, my two and a half year old sweet but sassy girl and my one year old happy boy. They‘re my world and I love being their Mom!

BUT motherhood came with some challenges. I‘m talking sleepless nights, rocking and feeding to sleep, desperately trying to get Little One down, especially with my First. 

When she was eleven months old, we were so sleep deprived. She woke up every time we put her down, only wanting to sleep and nap when being held, we had no plan of how to change it and were getting really frustrated.

Then we finally decided to sleep train her. It was the best decision we ever made! She slept 7pm-7am nights, went down with no fuss, was much happier during the day, and we got some much needed sleep, too!

Fast forward to about a year later, we welcomed our son into the world. Right before then, we transitioned her to a “Big Girl Bed“ to free up the crib for the new baby. All was good for a while, then we traveled out of town right before she turned two. Somehow this, with all the other big changes going on in her life, triggered a bunch of sleep issues. She got way overtired, ended up with terrible night terrors, and sleep deprived. It didn‘t get better once we got home. We tried the same sleep training method we used when she was a baby – but it went terribly. She got herself so worked up that she threw up every time we put her to bed and left the room. She was shaky and anxious every day before bedtime and refused to go in her room, even during the day. We went back and forth between a few different methods of keeping her in bed, but nothing worked. We couldn‘t stand it and ended up co-sleeping with her. Now no one got good sleep because she just kicked us all night long, was up from 2am to 5am every night and we were at our wits end. We consulted our pediatrician and he prescribed her anxiety medication so she would be drowsy and not cry too long at night. We were honestly shocked and never even considered going that route. I felt desperate and alone about tackling my daughters sleep. But, I didn’t give up and I took it into my own hands to get her, and our nights back. (Needless to say, we no longer see that pediatrician.)

After hours of research and talking to a Sleep Consultant myself, I finally found something that worked! It wasn‘t easy and it took two or three weeks to get there, but she finally got the quality sleep she needed, in her own bed again. What a relief!

She is still very sensitive to changes in her routines, but whenever we slip off, we can go right back to our basics and get her back on track. 

My son, on the other hand, has been the best sleeper. I know that part of it is probably his easy-going temperament, but I am convinced it is also the things I have learned while sleep training my daughter (twice). Looking back I know the mistakes I made with her, and how to avoid them with my son.

With everything I learned through experience and extensive research, I discovered two facts:

1. It is really hard to find actual, helpful, science based, information. Everything you read, no matter if put into a Google search or a Facebook mom-group, it is so contradicting and the more you read, the more confused you get.

2. I realized how my whole family‘s quality of life changes for the better when everyone is getting suitable sleep. I joined plenty of mom-groups online when trying to figure out my daughters sleep issues. I still read endless stories of desperate parents, like I was not too long ago, every day. And I want to help every single one of them!

That is why I got into Pediatric Sleep Consulting. I got certified so I could learn even more about sleep training Little Ones. I gained hands-on experience with my wonderful Volunteer-Moms. I worked with every age form four months to four years, all different situations and backgrounds. So I can confidentially say, that I can help you too, Mama!

I know it can be intimidating to start something new, and to ask a stranger for help. But, I‘m here for you and I want to help! There is never any judgment involved, just love for our Littles, and support from one Mama to another.