Mom Katie & 3 year old toddler boy o

Julia was great to work with! She took time to understand our family dynamics, sibling sleep considerations, and what we were comfortable with. She was patient, understanding, and made a very personalized plan that was easy to follow. We saw so many improvements with the steps we took to help our 3 year old feel more comfortable and safe in his room and overcome some night time fears. We appreciated a slow gradual method that made us feel like we were still giving him lots of support.

Mom Karisa & 7 months old baby boy e

Julia has been so flexible, supportive and wonderful! Due to our schedule & illnesses we had to push sleep training back about 2 months and she stuck with us! She created a wonderful schedule & sleep plan for our E! I wasn’t sure sleep training would work on our little guy but so far her strategies have been amazing and effective! She also heard my concerns and selected strategies I was comfortable with! I highly recommend working with Julia! She has been an amazing support through this scary and difficult process!

Mom Kim & 6 months old Baby Girl K

My 6 months old baby has reflux since she was a newborn, so we held her upright a lot and provided lots of contact napping. Eventually her sleep became more organized. However, the 4 months sleep regression hit and sleep has never been the same. I tried sleep training her in the thick of the regression and it worked, she was able to self soothe. However, when she learned to crawl, she would bump her head on the crib rail and would scream. So I resorted back to rocking her to sleep which backfired as she went back to relying solely on it. I knew I needed to sleep train her again, but this time I knew it was going to be more challenging, now that she’s a bit older and mobile.
With All The Information Out Online, I Felt So Unsure On What To Do, To The Point That There Was No More Consistency In How I Put My Baby To Sleep And Also Her Schedule, Wake Times, Nap Times, Etc.
The desperate mom that I was, I joined different Facebook Groups and Sleep Training Groups, looking for tips and answers. Luckily, one day I came across Julia on a Facebook Group and messaged her right away!
Julia set up the introduction call, and from there I knew she was really helpful and knowledgeable. She asked me about my situation, about my baby’s overall health, patterns, environment etc. She provided a personalized plan and catered according to what my baby and my family needs.
From the start, she has been very responsive and supportive. She would check in on how the nights and naps went. If I had questions, she replied right away. She was also very accommodating and understanding, especially when things came up along the way.
After 4 days of doing the sleep training, I’ve seen major improvement to my baby’s sleep. I was rocking my baby for 15-20 minutes to let her fall asleep. Now i can put her down drowsy and she would self soothe and fall asleep on her own.
Julia has given me the tools and knowledge I need in order to navigate my baby’s sleep. My baby’s sleep is nowhere perfect, she still wakes two times a night to feed, which I am planning to eventually wean. Sometimes she has brief wake ups but she’s able to self soothe herself back to sleep. I think it’s a really important skill that I can teach my baby so she can get the sleep she needs for her rest and development. And also the rest we need as parents. Overall emotional and mental state has been better.
I think sleep training my baby was the best decision I ever made. We are so grateful for the help and support that Julia has given us. I know she will help more babies and families like me.

Mom Grace & Expecting baby boy e

With a new baby coming in August, I purchased Julia’s newborn guide to better prepare myself! I loved how it was laid out and definitely feel more prepared this time around with newborn sleep! We are planning on working with Julia in the future when we are ready for formal sleep training! She’s very easy to communicate with and I look forward to continuing my work with her!